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Winter Crisis

We are on a race against time to get as many families wood this winter.  

Already there are reports of people losing their lives simply because they couldn't afford to buy wood for their fire. 

This is the shocking reality for thousands of families in Europe's poorest country. 

It's inconceivable that anyone should die because they can't afford to live.

With your help, we want to buy as many families wood for winter as possible. 

It's unimaginable to think, that whilst most in the West have the luxury of heat this winter, that people here in Eastern Europe will actually die.

Together we can change that. Together we can literally save lives. 

In Moldova, inflation stands at a staggering 32% and fuel has increased by an unfathomable 600% meaning those with nothing before, have even less now. 

We MUST change that. £250 will buy sufficient wood to last a family an entire winter. 

Please join us in making sure people survive the minus 30 degree conditions. 

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